miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011


This is the place where you will find lots of treasures from France, Italy...

Let me give you some examples! These italian jeans are absolutely fabulous, they fit perfectly and the quality is really good!

 Check their webpage: www.braystevealan.it

You can also find these chic French candles. They are very special and delicate. 

And As I said in my first post, this perfume is just wonderful. I have never smelled something like it, plus the bottle and the packaging are really cool ;) 

 Lubin's 466th scent since 1798, Idole de Lubin was created by Olivia Giacobetti. 

Today is a holiday in Spain, the perfect day to relax. 
My plan is to burn some candles, have a relaxing bath, read, watch a movie and eat some chocolate. 
Sounds great to me!

Here you have a pic of my favourites chocolatier. 
Chocolate caviar yummy!!
By Paco Torreblanca

Check his webpage! http://www.torreblanca.net/
Everything's so delicious! I just can't get enough! 

Have a nice day! 

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